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Bonds Information

Your source for all types of bonds in New Jersey

The Giovanetti Agency provides commercial and contract surety bonds in New Jersey through CNA Surety and other markets.  Call us today for bond rates at 856-231-7500 and speak with a New Jersey bonding agent, or fill out our Bond Request Form. 

Commercial surety bonds include many types of bonds categorized as court fiduciary, court judicial, public official, license and permit, and many other types of bonds that include guarantees of financial performance.  We also write fidelity bonds, which cover fiscal losses arising from employee dishonesty or Errors & Omissions / Professional liability insurance.

Contract bonds guarantee the performance of obligations covered through a written agreement between parties. The most common types include bid, payment and performance bonds.

Types of bonds we offer:                                       Bond Request Form

Bid Bonds
Bonds which provide financial assurance that the bid has been submitted in good faith, and that a contractor will enter into a contract at the amount bid and post the appropriate performance bonds. These bonds are used by owners to qualify contractors prior to submitting proposals or contracts.

Court and Probate Bonds
Probate & Judicial bonds, also referred to as fiduciary bonds, guarantee the performance on fiduciaries' duties and compliance with a court order involving administrators, executors, guardians, trustees of a will, liquidators, receivers, and masters. Judicial proceedings court bonds include injunction, appeal, indemnity to sheriff, mechanic's lien, attachment, replevin, and admiralty.

Fiduciary Bonds
Bonds which protect against dishonest or poor accounting and a lack of faithful duties by administrators, trustees, guardians, executors, and other fiduciaries. Fiduciary bonds, often referred to as probate bonds, are required by legal documents, statutes, or courts for the protection of those on whose behalf the fiduciary acts. They are needed under a variety of circumstances, including the administration of estates and the management of affairs of a trust or a ward.

Fidelity Bonds
A bond designed to protect against dishonesty. Generally, bonds protects against dishonesty of employees. These bonds cover losses arising from employee dishonesty and indemnify the principal or employer for losses caused by the dishonest actions of their employees

License and Permit Bonds.
License and Permit Bonds are required to obtain a license or permit in many counties, cities, states or other subdivisions. They may be required for a number of reasons, including the payment of certain fees or taxes, or providing protection to consumers as a condition for granting licenses related to selling things such as motor vehicles or contracting services.

Notary Public Bonds
A bond that is required by statute to protect against a loss resulting from the improper actions of notaries.

Payment Bonds

Payment bonds cover the payment of a contractor's obligation under a contract for subcontractors, laborers, and materials suppliers associated with a project. Since liens may not be placed on public jobs, a payment bond can be the only protection for those supplying material and / or labor to a public job.

Performance Bonds
Performance Bonds cover the performance terms of a contract. These bonds frequently incorporate payment bond (labor and / or materials) and maintenance bond liability. This protects the owner from fiscal loss should the contractor fail to perform the contract in accordance with its terms and conditions.

Public Official Bonds

Public Official Bonds protect against dishonesty and lack of faithful performance by a public official. These bonds are required by statutes.

Call us today for all your bonding needs at 856-231-7500 and speak with a New Jersey bonding agent!

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